Exclusive Acts by Allen Dalton Entertainment

           DJ. Super Dave                              DJ.Clockwork                Kevin Nicholas               Daniel Nicholas                        Jason Ladanye
              Matt Szat                                   Coney Waffle              Stuffed Ice Cream       Sam’s Fried Ice Cream                   Project Orange
          Deep C Revival                             Dream Lab Robot                 Sax Beast                      Yelena Move`                            Diamond Bettys
           Guitaro 5000                                  Tom Wardle                      Digital Oil                         GiftRapps                                    Flambeaux                            
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DJ Super Dave
Hottest DJ in New York, NY
International DJ phenomenon. Dave has performed worldwide for celebrities and CEO’ s, as well as for some of the most high profile private events nationwide.
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DJ Clockwork
Hottest DJ New York,NY
Clockwork is one of the most respected and sought after DJs in the biggest clubs from NY to LA
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Kevin Nicolas Magician / Mentalist
Magician / Mentalist
The Modern Mentalist: Stylish flair coupled with a gravitational energy that pulls you in leaving you speechless .Kevin Nicholas is not your average magician.
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Daniel Nicholas
Daniel has spent close to 20 years perfecting his craft and his Passion. Today he has performed for crowds as large as the hundreds, to small intimate groups of 3-5 at a time.
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Jason Ladanye
A Born Entertainer!
Jason Ladanye performs world-class sleight of hand for private parties and corporate events all over the world. Jason exposes the underground world of cheating at cards and how to beat Vegas if you have the skills.
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Matt Szat Magic
Magician/ Mentalist
World Class Magician/ Mentalist
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Coney Waffle
Best shakes and out of this world Ice cream treats!
Over the top custom created Side Show Shakes and Ice Cream treats!
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Stuffed Ice Cream
Stuffed Ice Cream isn't like your typical dessert shop, we believe in work hard, play hard, with both of them going hand in hand at any given time of the day.
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Sam's Fried Ice Cream!
Tasty Desserts
Only at the heart of New York City, can you find fabulous restaurants, cultural venues, amazing people, and TASTY DESSERTS! We’ve brought your favorite dessert Fried Ice Cream to the Lower East Side!
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Project Orange
Project Orange was the only band that stood out. .... PERFORMING AT GRAMMY'S and RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL
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Deep C Revival
Classic Rock Band
Deep C Revival is New York City’s premier classic rock band comprised of veteran touring and session musicians.
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The Dream Lab
The Future of Entertainment
The Original LED Robot Experience
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The Sax Beast
Eric Knight is a world-class veteran saxophonist who has recorded, performed, and toured internationally with major acts such as The Rolling Stones, Prince, J. Lo, Etta James, Hiram Bullock, Randy
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Electric Violin Violinist Virtuoso
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Tribute Show
In our shows and appearances, we pay tribute to the women of those era’s from the original pin-up herself, Betty Grable in the early 40’s, all the way up to the infamous Bettie Page in the 50’s.!
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Guitaro 5000 is a solo guitarist and singer with the entertainment value of a whole band. His technique of playing percussion on guitar gives a full sound like no other.
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Tom Wardle
Singer /Songwriter Extraordinaire
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Digital Oil
Custom Digital Event Painting Digitally
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GiftRapps are personalized music and custom rap songs for any occasion!
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New York City based most well-known fire entertainment and production company,
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Cocktail Architect
A Brooklyn based mixology company specializing in multi-sensory food and drink experiences.